AFGE Local Holds Sham Officer Elections


It can only be called a sham election when union officials ignore standard protocols which ensure all rank and file members the opportunity to participate in fair and honest elections.  There is no democracy in this type of union election. 

Once again, government employee union officials have cheated their members out of a fair election by dawdling and disregarding SOME candidates’ requests for reasonable help these officials should have given the candidates to educate all union members. Once again, union officials completely disregard the principles of union democracy, most likely, in order to retain their positions regardless of whether they are the pick of the rank and file.

Government employee union members have a powerful weapon to show their disappointment with these complacent union officials. 

The National Right to work Legal Defense Foundation-won Janus v. AFSCME decision allows dissatisfied union members to exercise their right to resign from an unresponsive union, at any time, without repercussions.  Simply visit the website,

If a union member should feel he has not been able to exercise those rights which the Janus decision gives him or her, they should contact the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation at,, or call (800) 336-3600 for free confidential legal advice. 

Examine AFGE Local 2145’s LM-2 financial disclosure form here.

U. S. Department of Labor officials in the Washington District Office are seeking an order to nullify an election of officers for the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) Local 2145, of Richmond, Virginia. 

Before filing a complaint with the Department of Labor’s Office of the Administrative Law Judge pursuing authorization to revoke an April 11, 2019 election of officers for the following reasons.  Union staff refused eligible members the right to vote because they did not provide adequate information to union members regarding absentee ballots. The election committee chairman was not available to process any requests the union received.  The union also ignored fair-minded calls from candidates to distribute campaign literature at their own expense, or to make mailing labels available for some candidates until three days before the election.  This, of course, was hardly enough time for candidates to mail their literature and give union members the time to consider their choice of candidates.