UAW-Owned Golf Course & Resort Losses: $60+ Million

As numerous UAW officials are pleading guilty to embezzlement involving resort and golfing schemes, it seems obvious that the decades of losses at the UAW-owned resort and golf courses at Black Lake should be getting a second look by Labor Department and Justice Department investigators.

Spending like politicians who tax others to pay for their excesses, forced-dues empowered UAW Big Wigs exercised no restraints on spending for these expenses unrelated to workplace conditions. It certainly seems like union officials failed in their duties of fiscal responsibility for decades.

Interestingly as UAW officers began taking plea deals regarding resort and golfing embezzlement schemes, new items appeared on the UAW Black Lake audits: “Donations” and “Operating Fund Income.” They poured millions into the UAW resort and conference center through these two new line items in the Black Lake Center’s latest available audits (see note below graphic). These new income sources helped turn the golf and resort audits from red to black.

Black Lake: A Forced-Dues-Funded Black Hole

Audits show that the golf course and sprawling hotel conference center are bleeding millions in losses each year — losses that thousands of UAW unionized employees are being forced to subsidize or lose their jobs.

How bad is it? UAW officials reported losses totaling $60,345,940.79 from 2005-2018 (excluding the unreported year of 2008). In the summary you can see how badly these operations are run by UAW officials. Forced union fees were used to subsidize this UAW mismanagement.

UAW Loses $60,345,940 on Resort and Golf Course

YEARNet Profit (Loss)Loss/ExpenseNet Loss Loss/Expense
2005 $ (2,856,564)-33% $ (381,436)-25%
2006 $ (4,010,556)-46% $ (621,105)-38%
2007 $ (9,485,825)-67% $ (607,083)-37%
2009 $ (4,209,110)-50% $ (717,038)-45%
2010 $ (4,773,442)-53% $ (739,555)-47%
2011 $ (6,625,049)-64% $ (608,898)-47%
2012 $ (4,422,296)-54% $ (449,107)-35%
2013 $ (3,947,905)-51% $ (463,269)-36%
2014 $ (3,493,789)-40% $ (782,000)-49%
2015 $ (4,368,129)-53% $ (354,373)-29%
2016 $ (2,416,281)-32% $ (376,937)-28%
2017* $ (2,829,309)-33% $ (292,616)-20%
2018* $  689,3748% $ (514,255)-32%
*New sources of income (Donations” and “Operating Fund Income”) make first appearances on the 2017 and 2018, coinciding with the current UAW scandal. These two new categories accounted for additional $5.5 million of income. UAW officials reported losses totaling $60,345,940.79 from 2005-2018 (excluding the unreported year of 2018).

Black Lake Conference Center

Assembly line workers, health care workers, and other employees at UAW-controlled workplaces have paid millions in forced union fees and dues so union officers can have luxury resort homes and enjoy golf courses, dining, and other resort-style perks.

Spacious rooms are available The room options include “3 Bedroom Condos equipped with Full Kitchens,  Large Living and Dining areas, as well as private laundry facilities.”

Downloadable UAW Black Lake Conference Center Audits

UAW Black Lake Golf Club

Another money loser for UAW is their golf club on Black Lake, Michigan — losing about 30% annually after paying operating costs.

Downloadable UAW Black Lake Golf Club Audits

UAW Golf Club