CF Industries

CF Industries Boosts Productions in Right To Work Louisiana


CF Industries, the world’s largest nitrogen fertilizer facility, is located in Donaldsonville, Louisiana. They are now investing $41.4 million toward making improvements and boosting their nitric acid production. As a result, this is also going to create about 7 new jobs. However, the last investment exceeded their expectations by hiring 50% more than they had planned. The possibilities in store are endless for the citizens of Donaldsonville.

From Area Development Magazine:

“[The company] is pleased to continue our long history of investing in and expanding our Donaldsonville Nitrogen Complex and creating jobs in Louisiana.” […]

“The expansion of CF Industries’ Donaldsonville plant […] brings both new jobs and the positive signal of recommitting to the regional economy. […] Expansion of major industry is always welcome news, but especially so in the current climate. We are grateful to our partners in Ascension Parish for their work on making this expansion as smooth as possible.” […]

“The CF Industries Nitrogen Complex in Donaldsonville is […] the largest employer for the west bank of Ascension Parish. […] This investment in nitric acid speaks to the continued growth and success of the Donaldsonville facility in both operations and employees.”


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