Kroger Mid-Atlantic

Kroger Mid-Atlantic Relocates Headquarters to Right to Work Virginia


Kroger Mid-Atlantic has chosen to relocate it’s division headquarters. The idea behind this move is so that they can be within better reach of larger consumers. Their headquarters were originally in Roanoke, Virginia, but will now be stationed in Richmond, Virginia. This will also allow Kroger to reach more markets all around much more easily. Already, Kroger Mid-Atlantic has 110 stores located across the 5 states that it encompasses. The move will soon create over 70 new jobs, bringing economic growth and new opportunities to the city of Richmond.

From Area Development Magazine:

“We’re excited for this transition for our company and Henrico County has been an excellent partner throughout the past few months.” […]

“We’ve worked to make this as seamless as possible for our team members and we’re thrilled that the relocation will bring new jobs to the Richmond area.” […]

“The Three Chopt District and all of Henrico County are excited to welcome Kroger’s Mid-Atlantic Division Headquarters to Innsbrook. […] Kroger has been a part of many peoples’ lives in Henrico for many years, and the addition of the new executives and employees to our community is fantastic.”


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