SVC Manufacturing

SVC Manufacturing Expands Facility in Right To Work Florida


SVC Manufacturing is a subsidiary of PepsiCo and the producer of the popular drink, Gatorade. Now, they are planning to invest $30 million toward expanding their facility in Osceola County, Florida. So the investment will go toward creating a new production line. This will provide around 40 new jobs for locals of Osceola County, which will also boost economic growth.

From Area Development Magazine:

“[ SVC Manufacturing is] committed to increasing employment opportunities in Central Florida. […] This investment of an additional Gatorade manufacturing line will […] assist the local community with additional jobs. [And, it] will be key in our path to support our customers’ business growth, as well as our growth in Florida and beyond.” […]

“Gatorade is a great corporate community partner. […] This expansion is a fantastic return on investment for the county, about a 60:1 ratio. It also aligns with our adopted Strategic Plan’s goal to “Grow and Diversify” the economy by expanding an existing targeted industry. With the highest unemployment rate in the state sparked by the Coronavirus pandemic, these 40 new jobs could be a game-changer for hard-working residents desperate to save their homes and their lifestyles.”


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