Walmart Locates Fulfillment Center in Right To Work Indiana


Walmart chooses Handcock County, Indiana, for its new fulfillment center location. With the increase in demand in e-commerce, the company plans to make this center the biggest one yet in the US. So the company plans to invest $600 million into a 2.2 million square foot facility. As a result, construction will begin within the next month.

Already, Walmart employs 41,000 people from Indiana. Due to this new facility, they will create 1,000 more jobs by 2025. Now that’s making an impact! The new facility will also provide abundant economic growth for the residents of Handcock County.

From Area Development Magazine:

“We’re pleased to work with the Indiana Economic Development Corporation on this project and appreciate their support to help bring new development and jobs to central Indiana, which is a key market for Walmart.” […]

“It gives me a great deal of pride to see Walmart growing and expanding rapidly in the Hoosier state. As the Crossroads of America, we are perfectly positioned to support Walmart as they secure increasing customer demand and continue contributing to our state’s economy, while providing new jobs to 1,000 Hoosiers in the process.”


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