Convicted UAW Embezzler Dennis Williams Lived Like a Rockstar


… but, the disgraced United Auto Workers former union president didn’t offer his forced-dues funded pension as restitution to the autoworkers that he ripped off. Yet, the Federal Government will get their taxes because Williams agreed to forfeit seized golf equipment and pay federal income taxes on “embezzled items” according to the Department of Justice.  

Another discredited former UAW Union President, Dennis Williams, entered a guilty plea in U.S. federal court.  While trying to shift the blame to Gary Jones (a UAW president who entered a guilty plea in an investigation that has currently resulted in criminal charges against 15 people), Williams appeared to believe his only mistake was looking away.  He seemed unconcerned about repaying the stolen money he used for the millionaire lifestyle he enjoyed off the backs of employees working extra shifts and overtime to make ends meet for their own families.

“I made a deliberate and conscious decision not to press the matter even though I strongly suspected that If I looked into how Gary Jones was funding these benefits I would find union funds were being misused. As secretary-treasurer and (later) as president I could have investigated … it was my duty as a UAW officer to do so, but I deliberately looked away.”

Dennis Williams to Judge Paul Borman (Detroit Free Press)
UAW union former President Dennis Williams convicted.

 “Today’s conviction is another step towards combating corruption within the UAW. Williams conspired with other senior UAW officials to embezzle over $1 million in union funds. Williams spent the embezzled funds on extravagant meals, liquor, golf, and travel for personal enrichment. We will continue to work with our law enforcement partners to investigate corrupt union officials who betray the union members they are entrusted to represent,” stated Irene Lindow, Special Agent-in-Charge, Chicago Region, U.S. Department of Labor Office of Inspector General.

Williams is the fifteenth defendant convicted in connection with the ongoing criminal investigation into corruption within the UAW or relating to illegal payoffs to UAW officials by FCA executives.  The following other individuals have already pleaded guilty to their participation in the scheme and have been sentenced:  former FCA Vice President for Employee Relations Alphons Iacobelli (66 months in prison), former FCA Financial Analyst Jerome Durden (15 months in prison), former Director of FCA’s Employee Relations Department Michael Brown (12 months in prison), former senior UAW officials Virdell King (60 days in prison), Keith Mickens (12 months in prison), Nancy A. Johnson (12 months in prison), Monica Morgan, the widow of UAW Vice President General Holiefield (18 months in prison), former UAW Vice President Norwood Jewell (15 months in prison), and former senior UAW official Michael Grimes (28 mo[n]ths).  In addition, the following UAW officials have pleaded guilty and are awaiting sentencing:  former UAW President Gary Jones, former UAW Vice President Joseph Ashton, former senior UAW official Jeffrey “Paycheck” Pietrzyk, former UAW Region 5 Director UAW Board member Vance Pearson, and former UAW Midwest CAP President Edward “Nick” Robinson.  

Department of Justice Press Release

All employees working under any UAW-controlled exclusive bargaining contract deserve the right to be freed from this corrupt union’s control.  The U.S. Attorney should seek and the U.S. District Court should order that all UAW monopoly bargaining contracts (commonly called collective bargaining agreements (CBAs)) be cancelled. 

The UAW has lost any legitimate claim to exclusive power over the tens of thousands of employees who are currently forced to let UAW exclusively speak for them in the workplace.  

It is time to give these employees the freedom to choose for themselves. Cancel the UAW workplace monopoly and let employees bring them back if they want. But, first void all current UAW “representational” contracts and give the employees a year to think about it.