3815 Media

3815 Media Locates Headquarters to Right To Work Georgia


3815 Media is a media company always looking for fresh and diverse talent. Since Peach Tree Corners, Georgia holds many benefits for a business like this, they’ve chosen to place new headquarters here. This new expansion will also mean 23 new job opportunities for creative individuals in Gwinnett County. So this will be great for the overall economy.

From Area Development Magazine:

“It was a no-brainer for me to open 3815 Media in [this] city[. It’s] one of the best places to live in the entire State of Georgia thanks to its education quality, low crime rate, cost of living, employment and access to amenities.” […]

“Investments from innovative companies like 3815 Media, Inc. are a testament to Georgia’s support for the film and production industries. […] I thank Rushion McDonald for his continued investment in Georgia[. I] look forward to seeing the incredible opportunities he creates in Peachtree Corners with his commitment to producing quality content with an eye to diversity.” […]

“Gwinnett County is a great home for 3815 Media due to the strong diversity within the community. […] We are always excited to continue to expand the creative talent workforce and provide opportunities for our region.” […]AREA DEVELOPMENT MAGAZINE

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