HomTex Inc to Create New Jobs in Right to Work Alabama


HomTex Inc, a fabric company, is set to receive over $10.5 million in investments, thanks to the CARES Act. This money will soon go toward getting materials and producing more face masks in Selma, Alabama. The benefits of this are huge, as this will help fight COVID while building the business back up. They also plan to create over 300 new jobs for the area. So this will be great news for the locals, as well as the economy.

From Area Development Magazine:

“I appreciate their commitment to the economy and Alabama workers by providing needed jobs in Dallas County.†[…]

“The coronavirus pandemic has clearly demonstrated that our country needs a dependable domestic production pipeline for PPE, and Cullman-based HomTex has stepped up to fill a portion of that critical need. […] With its expansion in Cullman and its new growth plans in Selma, HomTex is helping to make Alabama a U.S. hub for the production of PPE.

“In addition, the company’s new Selma operation will provide an economic boost for the Black Belt region and advance our strategic goal of providing opportunities in Alabama’s rural communities.†


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