Pretzels Inc Adds New Location in Right to Work Kansas


Pretzels Inc is well-known for its delicious, salty snacks. And now, they are adding a new location in Lawrence, Kansas in order to increase product capacity. The new facility will be 150,000 square feet and will need new employees so it can run smoothly. That’s why they plan on creating lots of new jobs. And, they should be ready to open before the end of 2021. So this will have a positive impact on the local economy.

From Area Development Magazine:

“I’m excited to announce the new Pretzels, Inc. facility putting down roots here in Kansas. […] This project will create good-paying jobs and generate a significant investment for Kansas. My administration is committed to rebuilding our state’s foundation by encouraging businesses like Pretzels, Inc. to choose Kansas.” […]

“The decision for Pretzels, Inc. to locate its production facility in Lawrence reinforces our region’s position as a top location for food and beverage manufacturing. […] More than 600 food and beverage companies call the region home, and our KC SmartPort team will continue to elevate Kansas City’s proximity to agriculture markets, advanced logistics infrastructure and industry-specific talent as strategic advantages.”


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