Viobin Invests in Location in Right to Work Indiana


Viobin is a company that is dedicated to developing high-quality hemp and CBD products. As a result of increased demand and a strong desire for business growth, the company is expanding. For this, they have chosen Michigan City, Indiana. In order to make the move, they are investing $6.1 million for the project.

A lot goes into the process of preparing hemp, so they also plan to create 15 new jobs for the project. So this will not only be good for the CBD and hemp industry, but also for the area’s economy and its job market.

From Area Development Magazine:

“Our team is ready to take the next step toward developing our strong base here in the city. […] With our expansion, we are carrying on the tradition of manufacturing our products to the highest standards. By having top-notch extractions, final products are at optimum quality for consumers.â€

“Having a base for a sprouting industry right here in Michigan City is a tremendous opportunity. […] We look forward to continuing to work with a company that is on the ground level of hemp production here in Indiana.â€AREA DEVELOPMENT MAGAZINE

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