Kainos Chooses to Invest in Right to Work Georgia


Kainos is investing in Buckhead, Georgia. The investment will total $1.2 million and will go toward a new sales and IT facility. And in order to pull it off, they’ll need 137 new workers. So this will help build Fulton County’s economy and provide jobs to more people.

From Area Development Magazine:

“More and more tech companies are learning why Georgia has so consistently been named the No. 1 State for Business. Our highly educated pipeline of talent and overall business friendly environment continue to attract smart investments[. I]t’s a pleasure to welcome Kainos to our growing list of companies with headquarters or other operations in our state. […] I look forward to seeing the jobs and opportunities Kainos creates for hardworking Georgians in Fulton County.†[…]

“As we continue to recover from the impacts of COVID-19, our international partners and their decisions to invest in Georgia remain critical to strengthening our state’s economy.â€

“We’re thrilled to join our partners around the region in congratulating Kainos on this major expansion[…] With our region’s next-gen tech talent, unmatched global accessibility and strong community of corporate leaders, Kainos will find all the tools and assets to support their success in metro Atlanta.â€


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