Peabody Engineering & Supply Invests in Right to Work South Carolina


Peabody Engineering & Supply Inc is one of the leading brands for polyethylene storage tanks. They’ve been in business since 1952, and today, they continue to be one of the best. As a result of increased demand, they are adding a new location in Pickens County, South Carolina. They plan to invest $5.6 million in order to establish their new manufacturing facility here. And, this will also create 35 new jobs. So this will be good for the overall economy.

From Area Development Magazine:

“After a five-year search for our new East Coast manufacturing location, we have settled on Pickens County[…]. We chose this location not only for the strong labor force, but also because Pickens County and South Carolina both understand that manufacturing is the backbone of our nation’s economy, and their focus is clearly on helping companies like ours succeed.†[…]

“South Carolina continues to build on its success in the manufacturing sector, and Peabody Engineering’s decision to invest in our state will provide another boost. Today’s announcement is another indication that more companies are finding that South Carolina is ‘Just right’ for business.†[…]

“Peabody Engineering’s mission and values embody everything we believe and hold true for the people who call Pickens County home.†


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