How Much Will T. Marzetti Co. Be Investing In Right to Work Kentucky?


You may be familiar with T. Marzetti Co, especially if you love a good salad. After all, this company is best known for its fantastic salad dressings, as well as dips and baked goods. Originally, the company had planned to invest $93 million toward an expansion in Hart County, Kentucky. However, after some revaluation, they have upped the investment to $133 million. This is a big win for the area because it’ll mean more job opportunities and an economic boost. In fact, the company plans to create 220 new jobs!

From Area Development Magazine:

“This expansion builds on the partnership that we have enjoyed with the people of Kentucky since our parent company built our first facility here in 2005. Without the good work and commitment to our company-wide goal of ‘being better’ from the more than 500 employees already on site, we would not have the faith to make this investment, the largest in Marzetti’s 100-year history.” […]

“As we work to build back our economy and ensure a brighter future for Kentuckians, the same can be said of companies like T. Marzetti Co. […] This company already announced a substantial expansion this time last year, and its leaders have taken that project a step further to provide even more quality jobs for residents in and around Hart County.” […]

“We are excited about T. Marzetti Co.’s expansion in Hart County and how it will continue to benefit […] our entire region. […]Every dollar invested here will have a positive ripple effect across our local economy as it recirculates through other local businesses and also helps fund our schools, police, fire and other community services.”


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