Where Is Celigo Locating Its 3rd Major North American Location?


Celigo is choosing Indianapolis, Indiana for its third major North American location. This comes as a result of the benefits that Right to Work states offer businesses. But the business isn’t the only one to benefit. The company also plans to create 150 new jobs within the next few years.

From Area Development Magazine:

“We are excited to be opening a new office in Indianapolis. […] During this critical time for digital transformation, hundreds of new customers have been coming to Celigo to automate business processes across the enterprise. We’re looking to significantly increase headcount in 2021 and build a world-class team. Indianapolis has proven to be a great place to find the top-notch talent we need.” […]

“We’re happy to welcome Celigo to the Hoosier state where we are leading a Midwest tech transformation with our talented workforce. […] Our impressive portfolio of tech companies emerging throughout the state contributes $15.6 billion to the economy each year, and I’m confident Celigo will be an essential part of our vibrant digital sector.” […]

“Like so many Bay Area companies, Celigo realized it needed a more sustainable location for growth. […] After looking at a number of other markets, Jan and the team picked Indy because they can be a real player here, not just a number, while benefiting from and contributing to a successful tech community. They will thrive here, and we look forward to their growth.”


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