QSR Automations Opens Headquarters in Right to Work State


QSR Automations is officially open for business in Right to Work Louisville, Kentucky! This is good news because it means new jobs for the area. In fact, this new headquarters location will create 30 new jobs while also relocating 130 of their current workers. So this is good news for the economy! In order to make all of this possible, the company invested a total of $10 million toward this incredible project.

From Area Development Magazine:

“In the last 25 years, QSR Automations has seen tremendous growth, not only within our company but also as we have claimed our position as the leader in restaurant technology. […] Opening this facility marks a critical milestone for our company’s history, but also our future as we continue creating smart solutions and adaptable technology for restaurant operators, employees and dining guests.” […]

“Food, beverage and agritech-related companies have been locating and expanding in Kentucky at an impressive rate. […] I want to congratulate QSR Automations on the opening of this headquarters expansion and relocation. The company is helping move the restaurant and hospitality industries forward and creating quality job opportunities for Kentuckians in the process.” […]

“Louisville’s strong reputation as a national leader for food and beverage headquarters and technology innovation makes Louisville the ideal place[…]. We have built an ecosystem of businesses that benefit from and strengthen the industry, ensuring that everything food and beverage companies need to succeed is here. QSR Automations remains a valuable part of that ecosystem by providing technology solutions to food service businesses. We are excited to celebrate their expansion!”AREA DEVELOPMENT MAGAZINE

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