What is Plastic Omnium Planning in Right to Work South Carolina?

Plastic Omnium is one of the leading companies for automotive equipment, and they’re only continuing to grow. In fact, they are planning an expansion in Right to Work Anderson, South Carolina. In order to make this expansion possible, they are investing a total of $17.7 million toward the project. This will also create 76 new jobs for people in the area. So it looks like the company won’t be the only one benefiting from South Carolina’s Right to Work laws! This is another great example of why Right to Work states work so well.

From Area Development Magazine:

“With over a 25-year presence in Anderson S.C., Plastic Omnium is happy to announce further investments and jobs. It underlines the attractivity of the automotive business in South Carolina, the growth of Plastic Omnium and its long-term commitment in this region, strengthening the group’s relationship with its customers.” […]

“This recent surge by South Carolina’s automotive industry to increase electric vehicle production continues to make a positive impact in our state and our environment. I offer my congratulations to Plastic Omnium for expanding in Anderson County, and I look forward to continuing this partnership for many years to come.”


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