Where is ARK Investment Management Relocating Its Headquarters?


ARK Investment Management is relocating its headquarters soon in Right to Work St. Petersburg, Florida. This new location will help the company thrive by giving them access to Right to Work economic benefits. It will also create new economic opportunities for the area. So this will be a great investment for both the company and the area!

From Area Development Magazine:

“We believe the Tampa Bay region’s talent, innovative spirit, and quality of life will accelerate our growth initiatives. […] ARK is not a traditional Wall Street asset management firm, and we are looking forward to breaking the mold further by relocating to St. Petersburg, a city investing in technology, science, and innovation. Our relocation and the ARK Innovation Center will allow us to be more innovative and to impact the broader community while shining a spotlight on the technological advances and creativity permeating the Tampa Bay region.” […]

“Their investment in the St. Petersburg area will have profound economic impacts in the years to come and will continue to set Florida apart as one of the top innovation destinations in the country.” […]

“ARK represents the community of innovators and disruptors thriving in St. Pete, particularly in the financial sector. […] We are incredibly proud that ARK has chosen not only to join us but to invest in the St. Pete community.”

“We’ve worked closely with our state and regional partners to help ARK choose the City of St. Petersburg for their investment. […] We’re honored to continue our work and excited to collaborate with Cathie and her team to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in Pinellas. We want to thank ARK for its commitment to equitable development and job creation.”AREA DEVELOPMENT MAGAZINE

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