Riceland Foods Plans Expansions in Right to Work Arkansas


Riceland Foods is expanding soon in two different locations. These are Stuttgart and Jonesboro in Right to Work Arkansas. In order to do this, the company is investing a total of $13.2 million toward these projects. This will also mean new job options. In fact, they plan to create 80 new jobs between the two locations. So this will be great for Arkansas’ economy!

From Area Development Magazine:

“We appreciate the Governor’s assistance in helping us take advantage of the increased demand in the marketplace. […] The majority of these jobs will be in Stuttgart and Jonesboro, Arkansas and will provide a much needed boost to the local economies in those areas of the state. Ultimately, the true beneficiary will be our farmers due to the increased margins we are able to secure.” […]

“As the world’s largest miller and marketer of rice, Riceland Foods has been a significant economic engine not only in Stuttgart, but in the entire state, propelling Arkansas to becoming the top state in rice production. […] As the company celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, it is with great pleasure that we celebrate the expansion of these two plants and the impact the company will have in their communities.”


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