How Many Jobs is Komar Creating in Right to Work Georgia?


Komar Brands plan to create a total of 294 jobs as a result of a new facility in Right to Work Bryan County, Georgia. In order to make all of this come true, the company is investing $87 million toward the project. So this is exciting news!

From Area Development Magazine:

“Komar is pleased to be partnering with Georgia to establish this new manufacturing and distribution center, which is an important part of our strategic vision. […] We are looking forward to breaking ground in the very near future and appreciate all the assistance and cooperation to make this project come to fruition.” […]

“We’re excited to welcome a well-established company like Komar to Georgia, and we look forward to a long-lasting relationship between the company and community. […] Our consistent economic policy and dedication to speed-to-market solutions have made Georgia a dynamic place to grow. We’re grateful for the strong partnerships between our local communities and the Georgia Ports Authority that make doing business in Georgia easier for companies like Komar.” […]

“Komar is a welcome addition to our existing industry base in Bryan County. […] Our staff sourced this lead at the Georgia Port Authority’s Georgia Foreign Trade Conference three years ago, and we are excited that the work done over the last several years has resulted in such a great project.”


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