Metal Trades Inc Chooses to Expand in Right to Work South Carolina

RTW-South-Carolina-NILRR (3)

Metal Trades Inc is expanding soon in Right to Work Meggett, South Carolina. In order to accomplish this, the company is investing a total of $14.4 million toward the project. As a result, they will also create 64 new jobs. So this is great news for people in Charleston County!

From Area Development Magazine:

“Metal Trades, Inc. is excited for the positive impact this expansion will have on rural Charleston County as we continue to increase our capacity to support the defense industry, as well as our private sector customers. As one of the few major fabricators located on deep water in the state, this expansion will allow us to expand our tradition of delivering quality-built, heavy-steel products from the Lowcountry to the rest of the world.” […]

“South Carolina’s strategic location and infrastructure assets are ideal for companies like Metal Trades, Inc. to find continued success. We appreciate Metal Trades, Inc.’s ongoing commitment and look forward to the positive impact this expansion will have throughout the state.”


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