CON-CRET to Establish US Operations in Right to Work Nebraska

Right to Work Nebraska Economic Update

CON-CRET is a popular manufacturer of creatine, being the top best-selling and most widely licensed brand out there. Now, they are planning to establish their first-ever US manufacturing facility in Right to Work Plattsmouth, Nebraska.

This will give them access the the state’s Right to Work benefits while also meeting US demand for their products. In order to cover all the costs, the company is investing a total of $16.6 million toward the project. As a result, they will also create 200 new jobs. So this is exciting news for several reasons!

From Area Development Magazine:

“Vireo is investing in this plant and in our CON-CRET® brand because concentrated creatine is arguably the most important supplement a person can take to support their overall health (and fitness). […] Basically, if a cell doesn’t have adequate energy to function at its best, nothing else really matters. Creatine is the key to driving the energy of every cell in the body; and many American diets need more creatine. Being the first and only domestically made creatine aligns with our mission to provide innovative and science-backed products that every-body needs for health and wellness.” […]

“This marks the next step in expansion for Vireo and deepens its commitment and investment in Cass County. […] The fact that Nebraska is now home to a business that is producing its product within the United States bodes well for opportunities like this in the future.”


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