Gulf Wind Technology and Shell Have Major Plans in RTW Louisiana

Right to Work Louisiana Economic Update

Gulf Wind Technology and Shell are partnering up to establish a new facility in Right to Work Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. This will allow them to increase their technology, helping them come up with greener solutions. In order to cover the costs, they are investing $10 million. They will also create 30 new jobs. So this is great new in more ways than one!

From Area Development Magazine:

“As the world transitions to cleaner energy, Louisiana is leading the way, creating jobs and diversifying our economy in the process of reducing greenhouse gas emissions,. […] I applaud Gulf Wind Technology and Shell for seizing the opportunity that the new energy economy represents for Louisiana. With a skilled workforce in place and a climate action plan goal of 5 gigawatts of offshore wind power by 2035, there is no better state than Louisiana to invest in this rapidly expanding industry.” […]

“The Shell Gulf Wind Technology Accelerator represents a milestone in the development of Louisiana as a hub for offshore wind. […] Combining the scale of Shell with the expertise of Gulf Wind Technology, the Accelerator will help Greater New Orleans develop the assets and workforce to power the energy future of the Gulf South, and the country.”

“The development of the Shell Gulf Wind Technology Accelerator in Jefferson Parish aligns directly with JEDCO’s commitment to environmental sustainability and renewable energy. […] A dynamic collaboration between Shell and Gulf Wind Technology positions Jefferson Parish as a global player in offshore wind power. This investment has the potential to change the landscape of our economy and put Jefferson Parish on the map in new and exciting ways.”


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