PHA Plans New Right to Work Georgia Facility and Jobs

Right to Work Georgia Economic Update

PHA, a South Korean auto parts manufacturer, is looking to the southern United States for its next production venture. After investing over $67 million into their new facility located in Right to Work Chatham County, Georgia, 402 new employees will also be hired. This exciting project not only bolsters economic growth but also showcases how Right To Work laws create job opportunities throughout states that have them implemented!

From Area Development Magazine:

“It is an honor for PHA to establish a new production facility in Chatham County, Georgia. […] As a producer of innovative products for the automotive world and growing EV market, we are extremely excited to be a part of the community. We owe our sincere gratitude to Chatham County and the State of Georgia for their support in making this happen and launching a successful partnership that will bring new jobs and contribute to advancing the economic development of the entire region.”


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