Scout Motors to Create 4k New Right to Work South Carolina Jobs

Right to Work South Carolina Economic Update

Scout Motors is adding it’s first manufacturing facility in Righto to Work Blythewood, South Carolina. In order to accomplish this, the EV company is investing a total of $2 billion toward the project. And as a result, you guessed it, they will be creating 4,000 new jobs. So this will be a great addition to the area’s economy and the job market!

From Area Development Magazine:

“We’re honored to partner with South Carolina to usher in this new era for Scout. […] Scout has been an American icon since introducing an SUV in 1960. It’s the vehicle that took your family on a camping trip, that gave access to the great outdoors, and that showed up on the job site every morning. Today, we’re reimagining Scout’s original ingenuity and electrifying its future. We’re bringing the Scout spirit to South Carolina and it’s going to be a hell of a ride.” […]

“Entering the market with an EV-based vehicle like Scout is a bold move, one that will help our state achieve a sustained future. We welcome Scout Motors and appreciate the company’s confidence and commitment to take this bold journey with South Carolina.”

“To say today’s announcement by Scout Motors is exciting would be a dramatic understatement. The investment being made by Scout Motors is one for the history books for Richland County, its people and the surrounding communities. As we congratulate the company and our partners in the county on this transformative news, we also look forward to the revival of this iconic American brand.”


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