SMTAutomation to Add New Right to Work Michigan Location

Right to Work Michigan Economic Update

SMTAutomation is investing $7.2 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Bruce Township, Michigan. As a result, they will also create 60 new jobs for the area. So this is great economic news!

From Area Development Magazine:

“We appreciate the support of the Michigan Strategic Fund, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and Bruce Township as we continue to provide jobs and support the local community with this investment. […] We are working toward obtaining our IOS9001 certification which will allow us to increase our capabilities, and look forward to being the employer and customer of choice.” […]

“Congratulations to the SMTAutomation team on your continued growth and success! We appreciate your vote of confidence in the incredible talent and competitive business climate existing here in Michigan. […] We are grateful to the Governor, bipartisan leaders in the Legislature and local officials for their continued support of the Michigan Business Development Program. We’re proud to join partners in supporting SMTAutomation, and will continue working to grow jobs and provide greater employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for our friends and neighbors in Southeast Michigan.” […]

“Our team worked closely with SMTAutomation during their effort to expand, and we’re thrilled to see them move forward with this new facility here in Macomb County. […] SMTAutomation is on the forefront of manufacturing technology and we are proud to have them continue to grow in our community.”


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