CMG Clean Tech to Create 1,200 New Right to Work Florida Jobs

Right to Work Florida Economic Update

CMG Clean Tech is creating 1,200 new jobs in Right to Work Osceola County, Florida as a result of a new facility here. In order to accomplish all of this, the company is investing a total of $430 million toward the project.

From Area Development Magazine:

“Having recently set up Panacea Global Energy as our U.S. entity, we believe it to be an ideal name for an energy company that represents our goal of providing sustainable green tech solutions to complex energy problems. Just as the mythical Panacea was cure-all for sickness and disease, we aim to be a source of and provide solutions for all of our customers’ growing energy requirements.” […]

“We are thrilled that CMG CleanTech is establishing its U.S. headquarters in the Orlando region. With the company’s technical innovation and capability, the Green Garden Village is assuring Osceola County’s long-term position in the green energy and renewable energy sector.”


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