Placid Refining Decides to Relocate to Right to Work Louisiana

Right to Work Louisiana Economic Update

Placid Refining is relocating it’s headquarters to Right to Work Baton Rouge, as well as expand its current facility in Right to Work Port Allen, Louisiana. In order to make all of this possible, the company is investing a total of $66 million toward the project. They will also be creating 20 new jobs, so these are some exciting economic developments!

From Area Development Magazine:

“This announcement is about growing our operations and centralizing in Louisiana. […] Placid has a long history in the state with operations centralized in Port Allen and employing generations of families, sometimes more than one member of a household. This investment is about transitioning our headquarters from Texas so we can better support our operations here at home.” […]

“Louisiana’s business climate has never been stronger and companies like Placid see the growth happening across our state and want to be part of it. […] It is most evident through the scale and pace companies are reinvesting in the state. I applaud Placid for creating new opportunities by making Baton Rouge its new home while building upon current operations.” […]

“Placid Refining’s decision to move its headquarters and make a new $66 million investment is a vote of confidence in our talent base and business climate. […] Placid is a strong community partner and good corporate citizen. Our team, in collaboration with partners like the West Baton Rouge Chamber, is here to support existing companies in the region every day.”


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