Teamsters Chicago too Corrupt, Union Officers Removed

Daily Herald: Teamsters (IBT) say local bosses used positions to ‘enrich themselves’

International union auditors, perhaps based on tips, concerned about “thousands in unauthorized bonuses and lavish spending” and “deeply troubling pattern of repeat violations” by Teamster Local 731 union bosses. The local’s executive board paid themselves additional bonuses of over $300,000 without a union member vote. Teamster Joint Council 25 President Terrence Hancock has been removed from office.

Joint Council 25 contract control over 100,000 employees in the Ilinois-Indiana region. These hardworking employees deserve and need Right To Work to allow them to leave corrupt unions or use the power to withhold dues to influence unions before corrupt actors takeover a union.

While right to work may not prevent corrupt union officials, it certainly empowers union and non-union members with the ability to influence the union. If you would like to know how to kick a union out of your workplace, contact the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation for free legal advice. They can tell you how to decertify a union, resign from your current union, and much more.

Source: Daily Herald