Defense Engineering Systems (DES) Expands in right to Work South Carolina

Right to Work South Carolina Economic Update

Defense Engineering Systems (DES) is investing $2.5 million in order to expand in Right to Work Charleston County, South Carolina. As a result, the veteran-owned aerospace and defense engineering company will also create 45 new jobs. So this is an exciting economic development!

From WCSC:

“DES is excited to expand our engineering and prototype manufacturing operations in Charleston County. Operations have grown year over year for a decade. […] This growth can be attributed to the business-friendly environment and technically capable workforce of South Carolina and Charleston County.” […]

“We are fully committed to supporting our existing businesses, and we are thrilled to see DES’ announcement that will bring more than 45 jobs to Charleston County. […] We look forward to further strengthening our long-standing partnership with them in the years to come.”


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