Primex Color Painting Opportunities in Right to Work Tennessee

Right to Work Tennessee Economic Update

Primex Color is establishing a new R&D center soon in Right to Work Marion County, Tennessee. In order to cover the costs, the company is investing $5.4 million toward the project. As a result, they will also create 130 new jobs, painting new opportunities for workers within the Right to Work state!

From Area Development Magazine:

“We could not be more excited about the expansion of our Jasper, Tennessee, facility. We have a tremendous group of employees, a wonderful support structure with our local, regional and state governments and this relationship will allow us to hire, train and continue to build our great team. This expansion will also allow us to further develop innovative products for our customers and will provide us with a state-of-the-art research center where we can work to develop sustainable plastic solutions. At Primex, we consider each community in which we reside to be a stakeholder in our company. Any opportunity to work alongside local governments to enhance our presence in the community is greatly appreciated, and we look forward to expanding our reach in Jasper.” […]

“We appreciate Primex’s continued investment in Tennessee and creation of nearly 30 new jobs. I look forward to the impact this expansion will have on the residents of Marion County and the company’s growth and success in the years to come.”


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