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Ambush is Coming, April 10, 2014 While the idea of having this public hearing on its face would fit the definition of an open and transparent government rulemaking process, the hearing itself is more reminiscent of other public “hearings,” which have been held lately. Hearings where only one side is permitted to ask…(Read More)

New Mexico taxpayers are at the mercy of public employee monopoly bargaining agreements which forced Bernalillo County officials to keep a corrections officer whose victims were awarded almost $1 million as settlement to 3 of his alleged victims.  The Editorial Board of the Albuquerque Journal provide the story. This editorial has been modified. An earlier…(Read More)

Bus drivers for the Spring Grove, Pennsylvania, school district just said “no” to union representation.  Aided by National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation attorneys, these “Papertown” bus drivers obtained a legitimate decertification of the union bosses who claimed ot represent them.  Union representatives refuse to accept the will of the drivers. Greg Gross  has…(Read More)

NLRB Fumbles

The Wall Street Journal Editorial Staff comments on the NLRB decision to classify college football players as employees for the purposes of union organizing.  Reviewing the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation’s Brown  Decision from 2004, the staff makes the case against this move. The United Steelworkers don’t leap to mind when…(Read More)