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    Right to Work Foundation-won Eleventh Circuit ruling stands, putting at risk backroom deals between companies and aggressive union organizers Washington, DC (December 10, 2013) – Today, the United States Supreme Court announced that it “dismissed as improvidently granted” a union appeal of the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals’ ruling in Mulhall v. UNITE…(Read More)

Former Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating gives a polished review of “Unintimidated,” Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s book about the passage of Act 10.  As Governor of Oklahoma, Keating proposed a state referendum on Right to Work, which passed in September, 2001.  In his review, Keating concentrates on government employee monopoly bargaining as the root of…(Read More)

National Right to Work Legal Foundation Attorney John Raudabaugh comments on how the recent packing of the National Labor Relations Board with pro-union appointees is likely to affect the decisions coming from that board.  Andrew Stiles has the story in National Review Online. John Raudabaugh, a labor-law professor at Ave Maria University who…(Read More)

  Unions Bring Chicago Thuggery to California, Oregon Hospitals, December 02, 2013 The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is attempting to force hospitals in California and Oregon to allow it to organize workers by using ballot initiatives that would cap executive pay and charges to patients, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday. The…(Read More)