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It appears Service Employees International Union officials continue ploughing money and workers into an organizing campaign directed towards fast-food workers.  These workers so far have not responded to the SEIU’s overtures, and disruption of their workplace is unlikely to convince anyone to join.  Demonstrations are set for tomorrow.  Sean Higgins has the story…(Read More)

Detroit is the largest city to be forced to declare bankruputcy, in part due to union officials’ extorting huge sums of money from taxpayers to pay for incredibly lucrative pensions for city union members. Nathan Bomey, Brett Snavely, and Alissa Priddle, have the story in the Detroit Free Press.   The city of Detroit today…(Read More)

President Obama is seeking to restrain political activity of nonprofits, including corporations, but perhaps not unions.  Nicholas Confessore has the story in the New York Times. New rules proposed by the Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service would clarify both how the I.R.S. defines political activity and how much nonprofits are allowed…(Read More)

Taxpayers will be left holding the bag on the Big Labor bailout of GM and union officials. has the story. Federal Meddling: Remember the promise that taxpayers would get back every dollar taken from them and dumped into the General Motors bailout? The promise is coming up about $10 billion short. All told…(Read More)

  Dislike freeloaders? Change state law The Detroit News Online, November 26, 2013 The 24 states with right to work are grappling with this issue of fairness. Patrick Semmens, vice president of the National Right to Work Foundation, says there’s not a lot of precedent in the public sector for solutions. Wisconsin unions struggle…(Read More)

Former NLRB member Peter Schaumber discusses union officials’ use of “worker centers” as organizing centers.  Because the centers are not subject to federal law, union officials find they are a useful way to circumvent regulations on union organizing.  Peter Schaumber has the story in the Hill. Two weeks ago, in a sharply worded decision, a…(Read More)

Union Hypocrisy, Michgan Style


Detroit News’ editorial says it all.   Teacher union officials cry foul over representing teachers who are nonmembers under an exclusive representation contract they themselves have foisted on these unwilling teachers.  Perhaps that’s why teachers are exercising their right to refrain. No one likes a freeloader. Count Michigan teachers among that number. As more public…(Read More)

In an unprecedented power play, the National Labor Relations Board has ruled the United Food and Commercial Workers bosses paying nonunion people to protest at Wal-Mart last year, was not illegal.  Sean Higgins has the story in the Washington Examiner.   OUR Walmart, which presents itself as a group of disaffected Walmart workers, is…(Read More)