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National Right to Work Foundation attorneys have won yet another right for Wisconsin teachers. Madison, WI (November 22, 2013) – Last night, the Wisconsin Supreme Court issued a ruling that allows teachers across the state to vote to determine whether union officials can continue to claim to represent those teachers in their respective workplaces. The…(Read More) Fresh from the heady defeat of Toledo Mayor Mike Bell, Ohio labor union bosses are setting their sights on the 2014 gubernatorial race.  Bell supported Governor John Kasich’s attempt to restrict government employee union monopoly bargaining in Ohio.  While the attempt to restrict monopoly bargaining for government employees was voted down by…(Read More)

Matt Brouillette of the Commonwealth Foundation, demonstrates how teacher union officials are hurting students by preventing school reform, and pressing more and more teachers into paying for agendas they do not believe in.  But, then, Pennsylvania allows union officials to collect dues from teachers in agency shop districts.  The story is in The Hill. Teachers…(Read More)