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UAW Headquarters LM-2 reveals how much money UAW headquarters took in and where they spent it. Click here for the report: Before considering what a UAW strike could mean, let us examine the vast array of industries UAW has organized to…(Read More)


In addition to the 9 persons already indicted in the United Auto Workers’ (UAW) corruption scandal, Federal Bureau of Investigation agents raided the homes of current UAW president, Gary Jones, and his predecessor, Dennis Williams. The searches form a deeper investigation into “. . . allegations of bribes, kickbacks and other financial misconduct among union…(Read More)

Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis considers picketing with rats and roaches (inflatable ones) a protected First Amendment activity as he ruled on a complaint by Shop-Rite’s owner Kevin Mannix.   Richard Khavkine has the story in Construction and General Building Laborers’ Local 79 bosses and members have been picketing outside the construction site…(Read More)

Illinois Education Association union officials know what they are doing when they persuaded the legislature to double the bump retiring teachers receive just before they ride off into the sunset.   When legislators decreased the cap on retiring teachers salaries (this cap or bump, allows teachers larger salaries a few years before they retire so their…(Read More)

Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 26 officials are working hand-in-glove with some local organizations (representing approximately 30% of the warehouse workforce) to strike on Monday, Amazon Prime Day 1.  The strike planned to go forward in the Shakopee, Minnesota warehouse, which has been suffering from a quiet corporate campaign since last year…(Read More)

The Department of Labor was established to administer federal labor laws and to ensure workers’ work-related benefits and rights under those laws are advanced.   President Trump has nominated Eugene Scalia for Secretary of Labor, to replace Alex Acosta.  Scalia is the son of the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.  He is no stranger…(Read More)


The third time is a charm.  Volkswagen workers at the Chattanooga plant voted once again in favor of freedom.  The vote ran 833 opposing and 776 pushing for unionization.  According to the National Labor Relations board (NLRB) around 70 employees refrained from voting.  Union organizers seemed to ply their usual tactics – advertising and many…(Read More)

American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) and National Federation of Government Employees (NFGE) officials rallied outside the federal Office of Personnel Management (OPM).  The rally served as a protest against a possible merger of that OPM with the General Services Administration (GSA).  The rally caused House of Representatives Democrats to scramble in an effort to…(Read More)