BlueOptima Adds 2nd US Headquarters in Right to Work Arizona

BlueOptima is a technology company that’s based in Britain. Now, they will soon be adding a second U.S. headquarter location. For this, they have chosen Phoenix, Arizona, because it’s the perfect location. While they only plan to start with 8 employees, that number will grow to over 20 after a few months. Then, they plan to double their workforce each year. As always, this will be good news for the overall economy.

From Area Development Magazine:

“After comparing 50 cities in the US, Phoenix clearly stood out as the number one choice for fast-growing tech companies. […] We are looking forward to establishing our U.S. headquarters here and helping clients bring transparency into managing their software engineering teams.”

“BlueOptima conducts business all over the world, and chose Arizona for its American headquarters, a testament to our state’s global reputation as a premier destination for tech innovators. […] We thank the company for their investment in Arizona[…]”

“We’re proud the company found in our state an environment that encourages innovation and an abundance of skilled talent to grow its operation. We welcome BlueOptima to Arizona and look forward to their future growth and success!”


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