Eugene Scalia Nominated for Labor Secretary

The Department of Labor was established to administer federal labor laws and to ensure workers’ work-related benefits and rights under those laws are advanced.   President Trump has nominated Eugene Scalia for Secretary of Labor, to replace Alex Acosta.  Scalia is the son of the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.  He is no stranger to the Department Labor, having served as a lawyer there during the George W. Bush administration, and currently a partner in Gibson, Dunn and Crutcher.   Labor bosses are not likely to be happy about this announcement.  Scalia appears to be a staunch supporter of workers’ rights.

The story is in the latest Labor Union Report.

“The appointment is likely to be contested by Democrats and labor unions because Mr. Scalia has a long record of representing Walmart and other companies that pushed back against unions and tougher labor laws,” reported the New York Times.

“The surprise move — which top Republicans privately pushed for — was a visible manifestation of the close personal bond Trump has forged with the Scalia family in recent years,” reported Fox News. “The confirmation process for Justice Neil Gorsuch, who ultimately filled Justice Scalia’s seat, sparked the connection.”