Hargett Materials Inc Invests in New Location in Right to Work Tennessee

Hargett Materials Inc is investing $2.2 million in order to add a new manufacturing location in Milan, Tennessee. This will create up to 50 new jobs over the next several years. So it will give great new opportunities for future working-class generations in this Right to Work state.

From Area Development Magazine:

“Hargett Materials, Inc. is very excited about the growth of our company here in Milan.[…] It takes a team of good people to succeed[.] I am very proud of this team that has worked diligently to help with the funding and execution of a good plan to promote business in our rural communities.” […]

“Companies invested nearly $3 billion in rural Tennessee communities last year[. W]e are very proud of that growth especially in the midst of a pandemic. Hargett Materials is a valued partner in Gibson County, and these jobs will provide additional opportunities in Northwest Tennessee.” […]

“The Delta Regional Authority’s investment to strengthen Gibson County infrastructure further supports economic growth[…]. The Hargett Materials, Inc. operations expansion is projected to create 50 new jobs[. This will provide] more economic opportunities for workers and jobs seekers in Northwest Tennessee.” 


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