Hearthside Food Solutions Plans Expansion in Right to Work Indiana

Hearthside Food Solutions is announcing a new expansion of their current facility in Michigan City, Indiana. In order to cover the cost, they plan to invest $13.6 million toward the project. They also plan to create 50 new jobs as well. So this is exciting news for the area.

From Area Development Magazine:

“Our team is ready to build on and accelerate the momentum we have put into place over the years[…]. Our production line allows us to position our company in an even stronger spot within our industry while providing new jobs for Michigan City community members.”

“Hearthside has continued to build on its base here […] as well as evolve to meet industry needs and flourish. […] It is always a special opportunity to work with existing businesses that are progressing to new levels in our region.”

“Hearthside continues its innovative approach as a means to advance and thrive in the food manufacturing and packaging industry. This project at the Michigan City Plant is another step in the company’s move to entrench itself as the world-class food manufacturer here in Northwest Indiana. […]

This expansion showcases how the City and the EDCMC partner with leading edge key industries to make positive lasting impacts on Michigan City’s economic landscape, as well as spurring a continuous growth of career job opportunities.”


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