How Many Jobs is Terran Orbital Creating in Right to Work Florida?

Terran Orbital is adding a new “Commercial Spacecraft and Constellation Facility” soon in Right to Work Merritt Island, Florida. In order to cover the cost of everything, the company is investing over $300 million toward the impressive project. This will also create 2,100 new jobs. So this is exciting news! Not only that, but these jobs will be high-paying too!

From Area Development Magazine:

“We are pleased to partner with Space Florida. […] Not only will we be able to expand our production capabilities to meet the growing demand for our products, but we will also bring valuable spacecraft manufacturing opportunities and capabilities to the State of Florida by investing more than $300 million in new construction and equipment and creating approximately 2,100 new jobs with an average wage of $84,000 by the end of 2025.” […]

“Florida continues to prove that it is the place to do business and we are proud to be at the center of transformational economic growth. […] We welcome Terran Orbital and the investment they will bring to the Space Coast. This is just the beginning. We have yet to scratch the surface of all that our state will bring to the advancement on the final frontier.” […]

“Space Florida congratulates Terran Orbital on its selection of our Launch and Landing Facility for a new satellite manufacturing complex. […] This announcement is yet another milestone in Florida’s leadership in space commerce, offering state-of-the-art development at the spaceport.”


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