NILRR Right to Work News January 05, 2018

America’s top five inbound vs. top five outbound states: How do they compare on a variety of economic, business climate and political measures?, January 04, 2018

All five of the top five inbound states are Right-to-Work (RTW) states, and all of the top five outbound states except Michigan are Forced Unionism states. According to many studies like this one by my AEI colleague Jeff Eisenach (emphasis mine):

U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Foundation Case to End Public Sector Forced Dues, January 04, 2018

“The union voice is not my voice. The union’s fight is not my fight,” Janus wrote in an op-ed featured in the Chicago Tribune. “But a piece of my paycheck every week still goes to the union.”

CALIFORNIA LITHIUM BATTERY MAKER HEADS TO APPALACHIA, January 04, 2018 (KY enacted RTW law a year ago. California did not.)

Now, lithium battery manufacturer Ener Blu has announced plans to move, “lock stock and barrel” from Riverside-San Bernardino, east of Los Angeles, to Appalachian Kentucky, with its plant to be located in Pikeville, to be built on a what was a surface coal mine. Plans are to create 875 manufacturing jobs. Ener Blue also will move its headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky’s second largest metropolitan area and the home of the University of Kentucky.

Op-Ed: Like a good neighbor: Illinois sees record loss of people to nearby states

Illinois News Network Online, January 04, 2018

Measured by exemptions on tax returns, that was Illinois’ highest loss of people to neighboring states on record.

Wisconsin (with a net gain of 6,000 Illinoisans), Michigan (2,500), Indiana (8,200), Kentucky (1,100), Missouri (2,000) and Iowa (1,900) all won their “border wars” with Illinois. (All Right to work States)

Beginning A New Legislative Session by MO Senator Denny Hoskins, January 03, 2018

Currently, Missouri ranks 47th in the nation in terms of job growth, business development and attracting a skilled workforce. In Feb. 2017, the governor signed Senate Bill 19 into law. Commonly known as Right to Work, this legislation encourages businesses to move to Missouri. I believe this legislation will strengthen our state’s economy by making Missouri more attractive in the eyes of businesses and job creators.

The 22 states that passed Right to Work laws before 2012 have seen an increase in jobs, union membership and increased wages and now Missouri will be a part of this pool. Recently I met with a “site locator” firm.  Companies looking to move or expand commonly hire a site locator firm to help them find a suitable location to expand their business.  The site locator said that 6 of every 10 companies that hire them will not consider a State if the State is not a Right to Work State!

Union takes credit for tax cut bonuses to workers at American Airlines and other companies, January 04, 2018

The Communications Workers of America is taking credit for the $1,000 bonus that American Airlines announced it was giving its workers this week.

The union’s claim comes as labor leaders are scrambling to counter a tide of good PR for corporations and the White House because of the bonuses. Americans for Tax Reform lists more than 80 companies giving out bonuses to workers. That’s awkward for the unions, which fought against the tax legislation.


Judge Barbara Jones has slapped the Hoffa administration, Joint Council 7 and Local 853 for defying her December 22 order suspending Rome Aloise on corruption charges. The judge issued a new order today, directing each of them to take corrective action.

The judge’s order requires the Hoffa administration, Joint Council 7 and Local 853 to inform members via their websites that Aloise is suspended for two years for bringing reproach on the union. All three bodies had a blackout on the news, and continued to list Aloise as an official.

Unions Won’t Solve Higher Education’s Problems

Wall Street Journal Online, January 03, 2018

I don’t know anything about cars, but I’m about to become a card-carrying member of the United Automobile Workers union. How did I accomplish this feat? By becoming an adjunct professor of finance.

The Labor Department Needs To Scrutinize Unions’ ‘Worker Center’ Loophole, January 05, 2018

The term sounds innocuous enough, but it’s legally significant. Worker centers aren’t bound by the same behavioral restrictions and transparency requirements as labor unions–allowing them to operate in a similar fashion to a union while dodging rules that were put in place to rein in excesses. Secretary Acosta has said he wants to examine this labor loophole, and the scrutiny couldn’t come soon enough.

Got subway anger? Aim it at the unions: Their contracts inflate construction costs

New York Post Online, January 05, 2018

It’s important to know that the union bosses who’ve taken advantage of these sweet deals wouldn’t have this power in the first place if state elected officials didn’t restrict the bidding process through arbitrary project labor agreements that make it virtually impossible for non-union firms and workers like those I represent to get a fair shot at the work.