Postal Mail Union Boss, Yvette Luster, Pleads Guilty to Crime

Yvette Luster is the former Treasurer for the Postal Mail Handlers Local 314 in Missouri. And on June 22, she pleaded guilty to crimes involving union corruption. She allegedly embezzled money from the union. But the heart of the matter is, this money was involuntarily taken from workers’ paychecks and held in reserve in union coffers, only to be stolen by the bigwigs themselves.

From the Department of Labor:

Yvette Luster […] pleaded guilty to one count of embezzlement and theft of labor union assets, in violation of 29 U.S.C. 501(c). The guilty plea follows an investigation by the OLMS Denver-St. Louis District Office.


This is further evidence that forced-unionism states such as Missouri simply have higher rates of corruption than Right to Work states. After all, how can anyone expect any different when union bosses have no one to hold them accountable? This isn’t the only case where a boss has stolen from the union and its hard workers. And it certainly won’t be the last one.

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