SiO2 Opens for Production in Right to Work Alabama

Soon after a $163 million investment, SiO2 Materials Science is now opening for production in Auburn, Alabama. The new expansion will go toward developing and manufacturing top-quality vials for the COVID vaccine. By helping fight COVID-19, this company will also be helping the economy get back on its feet. So this is a huge win for everyone.

From Area Development Magazine:

“The container that this vaccine is in has to be so pure and perfect that it doesn’t have a negative effect on the vaccine. […] It’s a very [complex] product. There is no one else in the world who could make it. This is just the beginning of a whole industry in Auburn.” […]

“This day marks an important moment for Alabama and for SiO2[. Their] high-tech vials will be used in the delivery of a vaccine that will help end the COVID-19 pandemic. […] The technical accomplishments of SiO2 demonstrate […] the kind of highly innovative and groundbreaking work that is being done in Alabama. We’re very grateful for this achievement and this company.” […]

“SiO2’s innovative vials represent a key strategic advantage for federal agencies by enabling them to act rapidly to distribute a vaccine to counter the coronavirus. […] SiO2’s work will save many lives and help get our country’s economy back on track.”


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