SPIG Industry Chooses Right to Work Virginia as the Perfect Location

SPIG Industry is a company that prioritizes peoples’ safety by manufacturing guardrails. After considering all options in order to choose the best location, they’ve chosen Washington County, Virginia as the perfect place. In order to cover the costs, they will invest $7.9 million toward the new project. They also plan to create 113 new jobs. So this will be good for the company and the local economy.

From Area Development Magazine:

“SPIG Industry has grown into an impressive operation. […] Manufacturing is critical to economic vitality in all regions of the Commonwealth, and the company’s expansion reinforces that Washington County and Southwest Virginia offer the infrastructure and workforce to attract and retain high-caliber manufacturers like SPIG.”

“The continued growth of SPIG Industry demonstrates the tremendous success that a homegrown manufacturer can achieve here in Virginia. […]

“SPIG’s expanded campus in Washington County will give the company increased production capacity and strategic access to its fast-growing customer base, while providing more than 100 quality jobs to the hardworking people of Southwest Virginia. We thank SPIG for reinvesting in the Commonwealth and contributing to our economic recovery amid this global health crisis.”


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