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The Washington Examiner’s Sean Higgins examines the Executive Order the president signed in 2009 which created a council on Federal Labor-Management Relations, which gives federal government employee union officials a conduit to government agency heads over and above that of the monopoly bargaining contract.   This is not only a Big Labor payback, but…(Read More)

Phyllis Schlafly, on comments on union bosses’ use of forced dues to elect President Obama to his second term.  Today we are inaugurating Barack Obama for his second term. Let’s talk about just one of the reasons he won his campaign for reelection. The union called SEIU was the top spender on…(Read More)

Big Labor’s power in many states is so great it can make the government do its bidding, and make it virtually impossible for workers to resign their union membership.  Even in Kansas, a Right to Work State, where workers have the freedom to refrain from union support of membership, union bosses have rigged an…(Read More)

An Investors Business Daily editorial examines taxpayer-funded union boss salaries, who turn around and who these bosses are supporting. Taxpayers are forking out $4.8 million for 35 union officials at the Department of Transportation. But the beneficiary here isn’t the taxpayer, it’s President Obama, who is raking campaign cash from these…(Read More)

‘Framing’ Prevents Needed Stimulus – Economic View – Shiller on government jobs: who’s “framing” whom? – Public Sector In the 2012 elections, Big Labor’s #1 objective is ensuring that state and local government payrolls, of which 42% are under union monopoly-bargaining control, continue to grow at the expense of private-sector payrolls, of…(Read More)

Matthew Brouillette, president and CEO of The Commonwealth Foundation, recognizes government employee labor unions’ forced dues power and Labor Day in the Patriot News:       As the sun sets on a sizzling summer, celebrations with family and friends will mark another Labor Day. But few citizens will recall or cheer the nationwide railroad union strike, featuring…(Read More)

A shocking look at the underside of government employee unions, Brad Decker interviews Mallory Factor on his best-selling book “Shadowbosses,” in The Washington Times. His new bestseller, “Shadowbosses,” shines the light on how “government unions control America and rob taxpayers blind.” You can find out more about Mr. Factor’s work at:…(Read More)

The huge cost of public unions   In an op-ed published a few days ago in the New York Daily News, California Polytechnic State University economics professor Michael Marlow reports on research he recently completed that found “a solid empirical relationship between public sector unions’ concentration and the size and cost of government . .…(Read More)