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A heartwarming story of courage as highschoolers wrest their band, and volunteer teacher from the jaws of the teacher union doomsday machine.    Volunteers are the last thing unions want to see in any field.  Volunteers take away an opportunity for union officials, not only to milk the taxpayer, but to add a new forced-dues…(Read More)

James Sherk refutes Ezra Klein’s assertion that America has a “. . . deeply unbalanced political system . . .” by highlighting Big Labor’s ability to donate huge “in-kind” contributions and maintaining total control over politicians.  Read more at The Corner: The Washington Post’s Ezra Klein recently lamented that America has “a deeply unbalanced political…(Read More)

Reading like a 1970’s report on the Teamsters, Charles Lane reports on AFSCME’s role in the Baltimore City Detention Center scandal, involving gangs and corruption, financed by mandatory dues checkoff and compulsory unionism.  Here’s the story in the Washington Post.  Even by the standards of America’s troubled jails and prisons, the…(Read More)

Taste of the Future


John Podhoretz puts a new angle on the New York City bus strike, predicting other cities will experience the same sort of trouble as public sector union bosses lose more and more power.  Here’s the story in the New York Post.    There’s a major labor action going on in New York City…(Read More)

Dane Placko, Fox 32 News, Chicago, unearths SEIU Bosses’ campaign to punish Mayor Rahm Emmanuel for considering privatizing airport custodian jobs.  It’s just another example of union bosses’ utter disregard for rank and file members, as they spend possibly millions of dollars to help their dues-paying members.   For several weeks, members of the…(Read More)

It has long been suspected that California government employee unions wield enormous power, with glittering, golden retirement plans.  Ivan Osorio analyzes a report by Bloomberg reporters on This isn’t a case of a handful of isolated incidents. The team of Bloomberg reporters found a pattern of fiscal irresponsibility characterized by: ■Lack of…(Read More)

Paul Kersey, Illinois Policy Institute, explores the consequences of Illinois government union employee bargaining laws and how it will hamstring the government attempting to keep costs reined in.  Like an insidious leak, eventually government employee union monopoly bargaining will destroy the government’s ability to govern. So, the health benefit law allows – indeed calls for…(Read More)