What is Adranos Planning in Right to Work Mississippi?

Adranos Inc is a company that works on developing rocket fuel. Now, Adranos is expanding their current location in Right to Work McHenry, Mississippi. In order to make this possible, they are investing $1.35 million toward the expansion. This will also create 25 new jobs for the area. So this will be a great addition to the economy!

From Area Development Magazine:

“We are grateful for the continued support of Stone County and the state of Mississippi as we continue developing our high-performance solid rocket fuel. The McHenry location will provide us access to first-class facilities and an exceptional talent base to enable the growth of our rocket motor research, development, and production operations for years to come.” […]

“Job creation is at the forefront of Mississippi’s economic development efforts, and announcements such as the Adranos expansion mean stronger communities, stronger economies and a stronger workforce that is ready to tackle the exciting jobs of the future. Adranos’s decision to add 25 new jobs at its McHenry location is a shining example of public-private partnerships working together to generate new opportunities for the people of our great state.”


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