What is Smoker Craft Planning in Right to Work Indiana?

Smoker Craft is expanding soon in Right to Work New Paris, Indiana. In order to make this possible the company is investing a total of $12 million toward the project. This will allow them to make produce and distribute more boats more effectively. And, they also plan to create 100 new jobs. So this is news worth getting excited about!

From Area Development Magazine:

“Smoker Craft Inc. started construction on a 200,000-square-foot warehouse and shipping facility. […] This expansion will […] increase efficiencies to the loading process and allow us to ship not only more boats to our dealers all over North America but raise the quality of the delivered product. The warehouse portion of the project is designed to free up manufacturing space in all three of our product lines: aluminum fishing boats, pontoon boats and fiberglass deck boats. This expansion will help meet the increased demand for our product throughout our dealer network. We look forward to bringing more quality jobs to New Paris, Indiana, and continuing our growth in the Marine Industry.” […]

“We are extremely pleased that Smoker Craft Inc., a legacy Elkhart County company and a leader in the boating industry, continues to thrive and grow additional production capabilities in New Paris.” 


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