What’s Miller Industries up to in Right to Work Tennessee?

Miller Industries is planning to update their facility in Greeneville, Tennessee. In order to do this, they are investing a total of $15.4 million over the next several years. This will cover multiple renovations as well as needed equipment upgrades. In addition, they also plan to create 80 new jobs. So this will be great for the local economy.

From Area Development Magazine:

“Since last year we have located over 20 transportation and distribution-related projects that represent an investment of $1.2 billion in Tennessee. Miller Industries’ continued investment and job creation is a testament to our state’s exceptional workforce, and we thank the company for contributing to the success and growth of Greene County in the years ahead.” […]

“We are pleased that through a collaborative effort […] we were able to coordinate assistance that will help enable Miller Industries to smoothly transition in a very competitive and turbulent business environment. This assistance means that a long-standing community partner will stay in Greene County and preserve a significant number of jobs. We greatly appreciate the assistance from the State of Tennessee. Their role was critical in providing the assistance necessary for this transformation and sustaining the collaborative and productive relationship[…].” 


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